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Can I create my own save menu?

Hihi, I'm using sugarcube v2 and I'm still learning a lot of things, I'm trying to create a little game with a save menu, I like the menu by default but I would like to create my own if its possible (I'm really new with programing codes and that). I saw that in Harlowe version there is a save game macro, but I couldn't find it in sugarcube.
There is a way to create this menu?, or at least modify the one by default?, there are macro for that?, its too much complicated?.

This is how its looks like now:

And I would like to do something like this:

I'm begging a little light, I really tried to find tutorials or something related whitout any luck.


  • edited June 2017
    You will have to give the full version number of sugarcube. Sugarcube 2.18.0 added the StoryInterface passage, which can be used to alter the UI. You can find a more detailed discussion on this including a discussion on how to recreate sugarcubes default UI bar and all its features here.
    Other than that you can also alter the existing UI bar to fit your purpose in your Story Stylesheet. This is talked about here.

    You an get rid of the old UI-bar by adding
    to your JavaScript and open the Save menu from a newly created div element using something like
    <<link "Saves">><<script>>UI.saves()<</script>><</link>>
  • You should also look at either series (1.x or 2.x) Save API documentation, in particular the Slots API section which lists the functions that can be accessed via Javascript to manipulate the Save System.
  • Thanks for the fast response ^^. Yes, I'm using 2.18.0, I added the "saves" link as you tell me and it works really great!, so now I can use css normaly on that html to create a menu bar with no problems right?. And thanks for the slots API section, I didnt even know that exist :D.

    thanks a lot again
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