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Making a multi part RPG with a simple battle system. Do you mind helping a noob out?

(This first part isn't 100% relevant to my question, so if you want to get to the question, just real below this paragraph) So a few months I decided to create a video game based on my IFunny profile for the members of my discord server (Yes I created an entire lore based on a profile on a meme app. That's some real commitment) So the game that I want to make will be an episodic RPG, kind of like a telltale game.

At first, it seemed easy because first part of the game had no combat or randomized sections at all. But I eventually got to the point to where I had to create a battle system. The battle system has to have a visible health and stamina system, as well as enemy health. I also want the enemy's attacks to be randomized. Looks are a secondary concern to me as of right now but if I I got any tips on making the game visually presentable at least, that would be nice. Can anyone give me some tips on how to do this? I'm using sugar cube 2.18.0 by the way


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    I don't think you're going to get much help, because you're essentially asking for a combat system and all related elements. That's a tall order for a number of reasons:

    1. That's an unreasonable amount of work to expect from a help forum. Someone might be willing to donate a system they've developed to you for modification, but other than that, I don't see how this request can really be addressed in a satisfying way.

    2. It's not a 'question' that can be answered definitively. There's certainly wrong ways to build a system like this, but there are many, many right ways, and how you approach it will depend largely on your own preferences and priorities.

    3. We can't read your mind, and it's hard to provide advice only knowing that you want randomness and bars. There's still a world of possibilities and potential approaches in there.

    I recommend just throwing yourself at it and seeing what you come up with, and asking for help when you encounter specific, definite problems. Start with a design--numbers, calculations, and how you want the system to feel to end-users. Then strip everything down into it's smallest components and build it from there.

    People have been building combat systems (particularly turn-based ones, though there are a few real-time ones) pretty much since the dawn of Twine, so you should be able to find some examples and get an idea of what's feasible.

    Other than that, I recommend starting small and working in a way that's upgradeable/extensible. Make simplified stand-in systems with the goal of getting something playable, and work toward refining it later. Making visual elements like bars and such is generally not a concern until you have a system that works just with numbers. Just make sure to follow sensible coding practices to make it easy to work on (i.e. descriptive variable names, spaced and indented code, lots of comments, etc).

    You can and should come back here (though you should probably use the Q&A) with any questions you have or for advice along the way.
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    Regarding #1, I Apologize if I wasn't clear enough. What I meant was I wanted suggestions on how I could make a feasible RPG combat system in some way. And if you did have suggestions, you could tell me how you would do it. I simply wanted advice on the subject. But even though the answer wasn't exactly what I wanted or expected, I appreciate you for at least paying attention to my question. If you or anyone else had some method of guidance for me, it would be appreciated.
  • The issue is there are many different types of Battle Systems, as demonstrated by the following two links.
    a. Turns, rounds and time-keeping systems in games
    b. The Top 10 Most Unique RPG Battle Systems

    Without knowing more details about exactly what features you want to support in your battle system it is difficult for others to explain possible ways to implement it.
  • @greyelf You're right I guess I wasn't very specific and I apologize for that. Here's what I would want my battle system to be like: Once you enter the battle you can have at least 4 party members in total. As soon you start the battle, a timer will start.The length of the time will vary depending on how many abilities the character has, and how high his or her's stats are. Every turn, you have a choice to make an attack, or do a pass-on.
    Here is how a pass-on works. Once you do a pass-on, the character that does the pass-on loses their turn and gives the party member after them 2 turns, eventually if you do a pass on with three characters, the fourth character will have the opportunity to do multiple normal attacks, or one massive and powerful attack, doing the powerful attack will be stronger than a normal attack or a powerful attack obviously, but it will cost a bit of one of your party member's health. You could also do pass ons up to 16 times and if you are still alove at that point, you can unleash an extremely massive attack that could possibly one-shot the entire enemy team, not counting bosses of course.
    If you choose to attack, you have multiple options on methods depending on your character. You can do a normal attack, involving punching, cutting, and pushing (push does no damage but stuns an enemy for 1 turn), there are guns, you can use spirits called stands (I wonder if anyone gets that reference), and then there are heavy attacks that take a charge up but are powerful.
    Attacks aside it's also important to note that once the timer runs out, you lose your turn.

    I hope I explained it well to you but if you want me to explain anything else about it in more detail, please ask.
  • Well how about you just start working on your system and return as soon as you hit a specific roadblock to then ask a more specific question.
  • @idling That's what I did
  • @Qball: I guesstimate that it would take at least 20 hours to design, implement and test a battle system like the one you describe.

    If I was you I would proceed as follows:

    1. Implement the logic for a single 'standard' attack for a single party member.
    2. Implement a second party member with only a single 'standard' attack.
    3. Implement the party member switching part of the 'pass-on' logic.
    4. Implement a third and forth party members with only a single 'standard' attack.
    5. Implement the 'Massive' attack part of the 'pass-on' logic.
    6. Implement the 'Health Loss' part of the 'pass-on' logic.
    7. Implement the 'Multiple' attacks part of the 'pass-on' logic.
    8. Implement 'End of Turn' for the party.
    9. Extend all of the above so that party members have more that their single 'standard' attack.
    10. Anything else that I missed out.
    99. Implement the count down timer.

    note: I suggest looking at the <<repeat>> macro when your finally ready to do step 99.
    You should only need one of them, which you would startup at the start of the battle and then used your own variables to track how many seconds have passed for each of the different things you need to track.
  • @greyelf yes. That makes sense. I'll try and do that.
  • Qball wrote: »
    @idling That's what I did

    Oh - that's great to hear. In that case best of luck to you. It's going to take a lot of work, but it'll feel really rewarding oce you have finished your combat system and see it work in action. Have fun.
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