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Style compatibility problem with Adobe Muse

Good afternoon,

I built a project with Twine 2.0 using Harlowe and I styled my links and passages with the built-in CSS editor on Twine.
I need to embed my game inside a website created with Adobe Muse, so what I do is I export the HTML file from Twine and then embed this code within Muse going on "Object/Insert HTML".

What happens next is that most of the styling I have done is completely ignored (the sidebar that I set to "display: none" is there, the background color is back to black...) while some of them (like the border) they are applied.

Do you know what can cause this problem and how can I fix it?


  • Would you be able to supply a link to the website so that we can see the HTML Adobe Muse generated and how the HTML from the story HTML file interacts with it.
  • I actually used a very crude method and deleted the header section on the Twine export file as the default style in there was messing my custom one.

    This is the website, but I haven't uploaded the new version with the styling yet.
  • I looked at your website and suggest the following.

    Because the story HTML file generated by Twine is a self-contained web-application you should use an iframe element to embed it within the page generated by Adobe Muse.

    I personally don't have any experience using Adobe Muse but this Embed videos and HTML content in Adobe Muse article on the Adobe Help site explains how to do it.
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