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Music in Harlowe 2.0.1

edited June 2017 in Help! with 2.0
Hello Everyone! As I mentioned in my previous topic - I'm a beginner in Twine. With your help I figured how to change background in Harlowe 2.0.1 (Thanks to @idling). I made a big step forward with this forum. Now I have another question. I can't add music to my project (I've already read topics about music in Harlowe 2.0.1, but I still can't find a solution). So, as every topic/lesson says I should write this text in my passage:
<audio src="music url (I use DropBox to save music that I create by myself)" autoplay>
<audio src="music url">

I add this to my passage, but music doesn't play.


  • Are you on safari by any chance?
  • @Chapel
    My default browser is Safari, but I use Chrome to work with Twine

  • edited June 2017
    You need to tell the browser how to encode the audio using a type attribute. For example:
    <audio src='url/file.ogg' type='audio/ogg' autoplay></audio>

    Note that autoplay doesn't work in safari, at least in some versions, specifically mobile versions.
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