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how can I change (if:)'s value's at the same passage?

What I mean is this:

(click:?a)[(set $b to 1)]
(if: $b is 1)[something else]

and (if:) doesn't work.My guess is you actually cant change values and react to changes at the same passage but I guess it doesnt hurt to ask right?


  • Please use the code tag when posting examples - it's the C on the editor bar.

    note: The following process description excludes the contents of any delayed actions (like a link's or click's) associated hooks, these are not processed until after the Reader interacts with them.

    The whole contents of a Passage is processed before it is shown, during this processing all variable references are replaced with their current values. This replacement and processing is only done before the passage is shown which means that any changes made to variables after the passage has been show have no automatic effect on the current page.

    You can change the contents of the page after its been shown using named hook and the (replace:) macro.
    (click: ?a)[(replace: ?b)[something else]]
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