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Broken links that appear randomly and then disappear


I have made a Twine (in the online Harlowe format) that is an interactive navigation of a journal section about participatory performance (niche! but hopefully interesting for people reading the journal). As part of this I've made a random link which looks like this (for instance):

Surprise me!->(either: "AHRpractice", "Adam theory", "Jamie theory", "Outi theory", "Emma practice", "Russell practice", "Will practice", "Sonia practice", "Matt practice")

However, what I've noticed has started happening is that sometimes when you see this link it works fine and sometimes it's broken. And if it is broken, you can click on a different link, then go back a page - and the link that was broken before then shows as working normally!

What can I do to fix this? Does it have anything to do with the fact that when I add a link with [[]] - it creates a little line with a red cross at the end?

Many thanks!!



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    It doesn't have anything to do with the fact, that a little line with a red cross is added. That just signifies, that (either:...) is not the name of one of your passages. As far as I can see, that code should work fine - I just tried it and didn't encounter any problems.

    Are you sure you don't just have a typo in one of the link names? If you have misspelled one or more than one of the names, then your link will turn into a broken link whenever that name is chosen. Is the name of the first passage for example "AHRpractice" like you have written or "AHR practice" since all of the other passagenames contain a space like that?
  • You need to state the name and full version number of the Story Format you are using, as answers can be different for each one. I will assume you are using the default Harlowe which is v1.2.4

    I strongly suggest you use a (link-goto: ) macro instead of a markup-based link, it's what you're meant to use if you need a non standard link.

    Because the "Auto Create Missing Passages" feature of the Passage Editor and "Show Connection Links Between Passages" feature of the Passage Map will both try to unsuccessfully parse your markup-based link and either create an invalided passage of '(either: ...some text...)' or try to show an invalid connection between the passage containing the markup-based link and a non-existing Passage with name of '(either: ...some text...)'

    eg. Use something like the following instead.
    (link-goto: "Surprise me!", (either: "AHRpractice", "Adam theory", "Jamie theory", "Outi theory", "Emma practice", "Russell practice", "Will practice", "Sonia practice", "Matt practice"))

    Then you just need to make sure that all those Passages listed in the (either:) list actually exist in the story.
  • Thanks both very much!! I will try the macro approach instead and also triple check all of the passage names.

    I think the version is the default Harlowe (I am still new to this and can't find where to check it - but when I try to start a new one that's the one it goes to, so I am presuming that's the one I went for!).

    Astrid :)
  • Astrid wrote: »
    ...can't find where to check it...
    You can use the Formats option on the Story List screen to determine which Story Formats are install in your version of Twine 2.

    You can use the Change Story Format option on the Story/Passage Map screen of your Story to determine which of your installed Story Formats is currently being used.
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