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How to "hide" your HTML?

Hello, everyone, I'm creating a game on Twine2 with SugarCube2, I have plans for commercial use in the future but right now I'm hosting an early version of the game on Amazon Webservices. The problem is that if I download the HTML with a simple double click and save page as... I can open the file on twine.

Since this game will be commercial, I don't like the idea of someone downloading it and selling it.

How can I hide the HTML from the public version?

Thank you!


  • Short answer: You can't

    Long answer:
    You can try and convert the story HTML file, which is a web-application, into a executable using one of the many different technologies / frameworks that can be used to to this. eg. PhoneGap, NW.js, etc...

    All of these different technologies / frameworks require at least some programming knowledge, the amount depends on which one you select but none of them are really for beginners.

    The main issue is that generally each of those technologies basically consists of a custom web-browser which you embed the contents of the story HTML into, and because of this it is generally not that hard to unpack the resulting solution to extract the original HTML content.
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