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Error Opening Story in Twine 2

I recently got a new laptop and can't access Twine 2.1.3 - this was the version I was working in on my old system. I get a blank screen when opening Twine and when I try to open my HTML file of my story I get this error:

Traceback (Most recent call last);

File "", line 103, in open
File "pickle.pyo", line 1378, in load
File "pickle.pyo", line 858, in load

KeyError: '<'

I tried downloading version 1.4.2 but I can't open it in that either. I can still access my story in Twine 2 in my web browser but I'd like to be able to access it offline too. Any advice on what's going wrong?

Thanks! :)


  • edited June 2017
    I'm a little confused.

    You state you are using the Twine 2 application yet the error message (and trace-stack) you supplied looks like it was generated by Python, which is the programming language that Twine 1 application was built with.

    note: When I say "story HTML file" I mean either a HTML file created using the Twine 2 application's Publish to File option, or a HTML file created using the Twine 1 application's Story > Build menu options. If your story HTML files was generated some other way then you need to explain what that was.

    The story HTML files created by both the Twine 1 application and the Twine 2 application are not compatible with each other, which means you can't import a Twine 1 story HTML file into Twine 2, nor a Twine 2 story HTML file into Twine 1.

    The first thing you need to do is determine which Twine application was used to create the story HTML file, you can do this by opening the story HTML file within a text editor and searching for tw-storydata in the file. If you find it then it is a Twine 2 story HTML file, if you don't then it is likely a Twine 1 story HTML file.

    Once we know exactly how the story HTML file was created we may be able to determine why it wont import. If you could supply access to the story HTML file we would be able to examine it for you.
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