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[twine2][sugarcube2] disable/replace default css/html

'lo all.

i'm building an rpg interface, and need to divided it up into sections like #map, #text, #actions, etc. My theory is this would be a lot easier if I just completely replace the default html and css and build anew. I wanna set up each section as a small passage and then load them into the section, like some kind of table, and then be able to address the section content like #map.$foo = bar

Problem is my programming experience is all, y'know, programming not web dev. So a few questions for y'all:

1) How does one disable or completely replace the default css/html?
2) How does one make a page element outside the normal #passage and address it?
3) unrelated, but can you change your default text editor? i'd rather use n++

thanks lovelies.


  • edited June 2017
    There's a special passage called StoryInterface that you can use to replace the html structure. Then just write your own CSS.

    You can use setPageElement() to add passage content to custom elements you define in your html.

    There's a notepad++ syntax mode for sugarcube. You can use twee2 to build directly from n++ files if you want, or copy them back into the editor, or use twine 1 to import the twee files, etc.
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