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[Feature Request] Twine 2 - Ability to draw containers for passages

Hi there,

I've noticed that organizing passages using Twine's UI is very hard. This is a visual problem when it comes to organizing nodes on a graph. In Twine 2 you have no way of color coding passages or put them into containers that would host passages of similar kind.
It would very nice if this could be solved in the next release.
I'm thinking of two solutions here. I'd be very happy if both solutions would be implemented:
1. Select color of displayed passage in the editor. Simply apply color to the rectangle item. The user should be able to pick the color inside (double click on editor) and outside (next to delete, select start passage,etc. pop-up buttons as you hover over the passage) the passage editor.

2. Ability to draw colored rectangles (containers) and placing passages (that have something to do with one another) inside these.

Another problem that kind of eats my brains every time I stumble upon it is the non-existing undo functionality in the passage editor. Maybe I'll open a thread about that too.

Would you guys like to have these features? Or have you found better ways of organizing your passages without visual help?
Please let me know what you think below!


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