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The Hunter

Hello everybody ! I'm a 37 years old French from Bordeaux !
The Hunter is a simple rpg game where you have to hunt some monsters in order to be a master hunter.

In The Hunter, you can
- Choose your name before playing.
- Save your game in 3 slots and load.
- Improve your level until 20 and show your statistics.
- Cure your Hero in battle or in a town.
- Collect objects and trade them against points, then against medals.

I hope you'll enjoy it.
Thanks for any advices.


  • what song is this that is playing in the beginning?
  • Olzme wrote: »
    what song is this that is playing in the beginning?

    Ah nevermind - found it. Wish there was an english ver to play though... :(
  • edited July 2017
    This sounds incredible. Unfortunately I don't speak French. Your English seems pretty spot on, though. Any chance for a localization in the future?
  • edited July 2017
    Hello ! I took some free musics and pictures. I'll try to translate the game very soon. I have time this summer because I'm a teacher and I'm on Holliday :-)
    It wouldn't be too hard to do, I think. We'll see.

    I've done another project, longer and with a real story. It's called in French "A l'aube d'une nouvelle ère" but it's more complicated to translate because there is much more texts.
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