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Last day in the forum.

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Hey guys.

I've messed with Twine for years, and tended to lurk around these forums and search through for answers and such since back in the sugarcane days. I like games and I like writing, and I always wanted to make an awesome IF game.

Anyway, several months ago, I finally managed to set myself up as a freelance writer (a goal I've had a while), and a few other things happened to me, and I just finally found myself with enough time to really dive into it. So I started making the game I always wanted to and signed up here. I'm really glad I did. I just got sucked in.

I started trying to answer questions and build systems for other people because I just enjoyed it. It's like solving a crossword puzzle and getting thanked (or gently corrected) at the end. It's fun, at least to me.

I also learned a whole lot here. When I first signed up only about six months ago, JavaScript was essentially Hebrew to me, but through the excellent advice and saintly patience of @greyelf and @TheMadExile, among others, I feel like I've made quite a bit of headway, so thanks a lot guys. You're the salt of the earth.

This forum's been great, and you guys are awesome. I was hoping to get at least a demo of my game out before the forum closed, but I wasn't able to get it together. While I'll still be around on the Q&A, I don't think it's a format I'll be throwing myself at quite as much, and I've decided that a better use of my time would probably be a dev log or blog of some kind to write as I work on my game. This blog will be at, and I'd be thrilled if you guys would check it out every now and then and play the demo of Holy Land when it releases sometime next month.

Anyway, shameless plugging aside, I'll miss you guys, and thanks for making this community so awesome and welcoming.

I also want to let you guys know that the r/twinegames subreddit, while not exactly bumping, might be a pretty good place to keep tabs on and have less technical discussions at. It's under-populated and under-moderated, but it is a place where you can discuss anything Twine-related.


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    Looking forward to your demo, and hopefully I'll see you around the subreddit
  • Thanks for sharing! Definitely going to be following your devlog, and yeah, I'm hoping the subreddit will be able to grow into a new community for all of us.
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