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Re-enabling the back button in 1.4.2?

This feels like the stupidest question on earth and that I'm probably missing something obvious, but is it possible to enable/re-enable the back button in a browser using 1.4? I've never actually managed to get it to work so I'm not sure if it's only a Twine 2 functionality, but just in case there's a solution I've missed, that would be wonderful to know. Thanks!


  • You need to state which story format you are using, as answers can be different for each one.

    If I understand your question correctly you are stating that you are no longer able to use either Chrome's or Opera's back/forward buttons when reading a story built using either Sugarcane, Responsive or an out of date version of SugarCube.

    If I am correct then this is due to a recent limitation added to Chromium which effects all current versions of both Chrome and Opera.

    If you are the Author of the story:
    a. Change/upgrade the story format you are using to the current version of SugarCube.
    b. Use a different brand of web-browser.

    If you are not the Author of the story:
    a. Ask the Author to release a new version of the story built using an updated story format.
    b. Use a different brand of web-browser.
  • Thanks! I hadn't realized this was the issue. Sugarcube uses the same code as Sugarcane except for CSS, yes?
  • Sugarcube uses the same code as Sugarcane except for CSS, yes?
    SugarCube (note the uppercase C) has the same macro syntax as Sugarcane and from memory all the macros in Sugarcane are available in SugarCube, which has a larger list of core macros. There are differences in the HTML structure of the two story formats which means there are also differences in the CSS, and depending on if you choose to use v1 or v2 those differences can be major.

    SugarCube also has many more features than Sugarcane, and I suggest you look at the relevant documentation to learn about them.
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