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Jonah StoryTitle Question

Hi everyone,

I've noticed that Jonah does not use the storyHeader passage. I'd like to replace the story title displayed at the top with a logo image that obviously includes the title of the story. Is there a simple way to do this within Twine or will I need to hack the html directly?


J. J. Guest


  • My apologies, I seem to have solved that problem by putting the image into the StoryTitle passage and manually restoring the 'title' of the page by altering the HTML. (It had reverted back to the name of the .tws file.)

    I do, however have another question. I have set the body background-color of my game to #fff, and the background-color of .passage to #fff, and in a browser on a desktop computer it looks just as you would expect. However, on an Android phone and also on an iPad the background colour of the page is very slightly off-white, while the passages remain white. Does anyone have an explanation for this?

    J. J. Guest
  • re: StoryTitle
    As you discovered the contents of the StoryTitle special passage is used in a couple of different places, two being the head > title element and the #storyTitle element. This is why that passage's contents should be plain text.

    Another way to show an image within the #storyTitle element is by using a CSS background-image property. The following CSS requires you to supply the name of the image file to show and that image's width/height, the CSS needs to be placed within a stylesheet tagged passage.
    #storyTitle {
    	background-image: url("name-of-image.ext");
    	display: inline-block;
    	width: 123px;
    	height: 123px;
    	color: transparent;

    Sorry I can't help you with why standard colour related CSS is not working on those mobile devices.
  • That worked perfectly thanks greyelf!
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