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[Sugarcube] Changing Icons

My question refers to the sidebar icons within the Sugarcube format (I am using Twine 1).
I would like to change the forward/back icons and implement my own ones. I could find out how to remove the icons before "Saves" and Restart", but I don't know how to target the forward/back ones and how it's possible to either replace them with a picture/ a text / or another font awesome icon (the existing ones are font awesome icons, or am I wrong?)


  • Okay I think I got it .. (of course I find the answer immediately after posting the question ;) )

  • You should describe how you solve your problem, so that the next person with the same issue will know how it is done.
  • Oh yes, sure:

    I disabled the existing buttons:
    #ui-bar-history [id|="history"] {

    and made own forward/back buttons with the help of this thread
    <<click [img[imagename]]>><<script>>State.backward()<</script>><</click>>
    <<click [img[imagename]]>><<script>>State.forward()<</script>><</click>>

  • Lola wrote: »
    I disabled the existing buttons:
    I believe a better way to disable the "history controls" would be to use the method suggested by the Configuration Object documentation.

    eg. Place the following within your story's script tagged passage:
    Config.history.controls = false;

    note: I am assuming you are using SugarCube 2 because your solution included the #ui-bar-history based CSS selector and you mentioned side-bar icons in your original question. Although you did list Sugarcube in your original question which could be taken to mean SugarCube 1.
  • Though that would probably prevent replacements from being used as well. :p
  • Claretta wrote: »
    Though that would probably prevent replacements from being used as well. :p
    Using Config to disable the history controls does not effect @Lola's <<click>> macro based ones. It disables the controls not the History/State module.
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