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storyMenu configuration.

Right, so in my game (Sugarcane btw), I use the storyMenu passage as a display- for the in game time, health, items, etc. To make it so that each passage is readable, I have a text size of 15 pixels. This is far too big for the menu, but I can't find a way to separate them; I've tried the obvious stuff, but it wont work.
Also, as my game allows you to carry items to use when you need them, is there a way to make it s that when you activate them, it wont go to another passage, and will just activate on the one that you're in? Like for a bandage, instead of moving you to a different place, it would just stop the bleed status?



  • I was able to minify just the storyMenu font size with the following:
    #storyMenu {
    font-size: 5px;
    I assume this is included in the "obvious stuff" you mentioned, so I guess either you may have not capitalized storyMenu properly, or it's being overwritten by some other CSS property you set? If so, you can try adding a !important to the rule, or if you're in Chrome right-clicking on the text -> Inspect Element -> Computed (tab in the top right). Find font-size in the list, expand it with the arrow, and it will tell you what rule is being used to set it (ie if it's the rule for "#sidebar" or ".storyElement" or for some other selector you didn't realize is applying).

    I haven't done much playing with Twine yet, so I don't know if it will do exactly what you want, but you could use the <<back>> macro at the end of the "use bandage" passage to give the user some feedback then let them return. Or, to be a little less confusing, [[Continue|Previous()]].
  • You can use a classed HTML tag and some CSS to style just the stats part of your StoryMenu passage:

    1. Your StoryMenu passage: I wrap the stats in a <span> tag with a class of stats
    (note: depending on the HTML you are using, you may have to replace the span tag with a div tag)

    Menu Text, normal font size.

    <span class="stats">
    game time:
    2. Your stylesheet passage: some CSS to alter how both the storyMenu and the stats looks, you can change my settings to what you want:

    /* settings for your menus */
    #sidebar #storyMenu {
    color: green;

    /* settings for your stats */
    #storyMenu .stats {
    font-size: 2em;
    color: red;
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