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Merry Christmas!

To the grinches and the bah-humbugs, to those (like me) who often feel that Christmas has become over-commercialized, and to those who just aren't in the spirit, merry Christmas! :D

To those who celebrate Hanukkah, happy Hanukkah! :)

Also, happy belated Festivus to those who celebrated that holiday. I hope your Festivus was filled with many Festivus miracles, such as finding your car keys before you were late for work (assuming your work didn't give you time off to celebrate and you didn't go on strike).

And to all, a merry Christmas and a happy new year! :)

I've worked through a number of the holidays (especially during the years when I was an emergency responder), but this year I get to stay home and enjoy tonight and tomorrow with family. I hope everyone is as well blessed as I am, but am mindful that nothing could be further than the truth. I'm also well aware of the additional mental, social, professional and financial stress that this holiday can bring, so I pray dealing with that goes well for all my online friends.

For me, it's especially important to stay upbeat during the dark, cold winter months to help inspire others ("A smile is contagious," they say), and also to be reminded that not everyone is as fortunate as I, and in the name of Jesus Christ, be compassionate and charitable. I hope everyone able to do so found a way to be generous this season, and to those who weren't, I pray charity found your household. :)

Thanks for all the help and comradery, Twine community! May your next year be a good one.

Merry Christmas!

Richard Sharpe


  • Thank you, Richard! That means a lot. I hope you enjoy this coming new year.
  • Sharpe wrote:

    To those who celebrate Hanukkah, happy Hanukkah! :)

    Bit late for that - Hanukkah was on Thanksgiving this year...

    Still, thanks for the kind wishes.
  • That early? Wowzers. I didn't know the two calendars ever became that far apart. Maybe I was wishing all a happy Hanukkah for next year. ;)
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