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Align sidebar/storymenu left [sugarcane]?

edited April 2015 in Help! with 1.x
No matter how I try, I can't seem to align my sidebar and storymenu to the left. There's a bunch of negative space there that I'd like to remove but all the html I try seems to have no effect whatsoever or completely screw it up

#sidebar {text-align: left;}
<span style=“text-align:left”> menu text </span>

the only thing that's had any effect in the position is putting <center> </center> tags around the storymenu passage text itself, but that still doesn't align it fully to the left and the restart/story title/credits are still hanging out on the right.
I'm using the "Earth's Story Illustrated" Stylesheet from here; there isn't much in there about the sidebar though.
Is there a way for me to align the text in the storymenu and sidebar (which displays the storymenu text) all the way on the left side? it would be really helpful to know how to remove some of the negative space along the edge too, if possible.
Thank you.


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