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I'm not sure if this is a question, but it seems so obvious that I can't imagine its a bug as I can't see it mentioned anywhere on github.

When I have a passage with a reasonable amount of text, I click the arrows button to increase the size to full screen, but the cursor position jumps to some random location.  The issue then is you have to type something to get it to appear and be movable, which ends up usually breaking something as you've added unwanted text/space whatever.

I've tried the application, and the browser, and both do the same (Chrome and Firefox).

Has anyone else seen this, is it something I'm doing?  Driving me nuts!



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It took me a minute to figure out what you meant.  You're talking about inside the Twine editor, right?

Yeah, I've noticed that bug too.  That's not a problem with any particular story format, that's just the Twine editor itself.  I've found that resizing the main window usually fixes the problem in the editor window, but you have to do that every time.

That problem, and the fact that CTRL+Z undo rarely (never?) works have caused me to use other programs to edit most of my Twine content, and then I just copy-and-paste them into the Twine editor.  This also lets me use something to spellcheck the text, or do better code editing for the JavaScript and CSS.

Hope that helps! smiley

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Glad its not just me, think I'll follow your advice and use a different editor, the undo has caught me out as well.