How to make the "x" appear when the answer is wrong and not when the answer is right (harlowe)

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asked Jul 16, 2017 by Bpedronc (130 points)

(set: $answer1 to (prompt:"Team Answer:"))[
(if: $answer1 contains "statement" or $answer1 contains "bill")[
(Set: $answer1 to $ans2)
(set:$ans2 to "2.Customer never received Statement")
(elseif: $answer1 contains "time")[
(Set: $answer1 to $ans1)
(set:$ans1 to "1.past cut off time")
(elseif: $answer1 contains "mail")[
(Set: $answer1 to $ans5)
(set:$ans5 to "5.Mailed in payment")

(elseif: $answer1 contains "hospital")[
(Set: $answer1 to $ans6)
(set:$ans6 to "6.Customer was in the hospital")

(elseif: $answer1 contains "town" or $answer1 contains "vacation")[
(Set: $answer1 to $ans4)
(set:$ans4 to "4.Customer was on vacation")
(elseif: $answer1 contains "forgot" or $answer1 contains "mind")[
(Set: $answer1 to $ans3)
(set:$ans3 to "3.Forgot to pay bill")

####Reasons customers call in to have a late fee removed
(if:$ans1 is 0)[(set:$ans1 to "1._______")]
(if:$ans2 is 0)[(set:$ans2 to "2._______")]
(if:$ans3 is 0)[(set:$ans3 to "3._______")]
(if:$ans4 is 0)[(set:$ans4 to "4._______")]
(if:$ans5 is 0)[(set:$ans5 to "5._______")]
(if:$ans6 is 0)[(set:$ans6 to "6._______")]

(elseif:$answer1 is (either: $ans1, $ans2, $ans3, $ans4, $ans5, $ans6))
[[[[Next|next 1.2]]]

(else:)[(set:$x to $x+1)

(if:$x is 1)[
(if: $x is 2)[
(if: $x is 3)[
[[Next|next 1.2]]]


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answered Aug 12, 2017 by Deadshot (3,300 points)

Here, you put  four open square brackets:

(elseif:$answer1 is (either: $ans1, $ans2, $ans3, $ans4, $ans5, $ans6))
[[[[Next|next 1.2]]]

But it looks like you only need one open bracket. Try this:

(elseif:$answer1 is (either: $ans1, $ans2, $ans3, $ans4, $ans5, $ans6))
[[[Next|next 1.2]]]


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