Can you check which passages have a particular tag attached in Twine 2?

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asked Jul 16, 2017 by cardiaccrisis (220 points)
For example, I was thinking of marking passages as #Complete in order to more easily determine which ones I still needed to work on. However, passage tags don't show up in the Quick Find search.

Is there another way of finding out which passages are marked with a specific tag without having to click through all of them?

Thank you for your help!

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answered Jul 17, 2017 by Superechidna (1,790 points)
selected Jul 18, 2017 by cardiaccrisis
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I use the story proofing format Illume which has support for filtering which passages you haven't reviewed yet by a certain tag. I use a couple tags in a similar way, plus Illume has a lot of features that the base proof-reading format does not. It's what I recommend!

commented Jul 18, 2017 by cardiaccrisis (220 points)
Thank you very much! This looks super useful!
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