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Okay so I have three pages set up on the sidebar with Save and Restart which are Inventory, Stats, and Appearance. These all change regularly so I though it would be best to have them on the side where they would be readily available.

My issue, however, was that when I was testing the game I noticed that my return function wasn't working how I'd originally thought (which, duh, logic). If I go to, say, Inventory and then Stats and I hit return, I get an endless cycle of Inventory and Stats. Originally (When there was only Inventory), this wasn't an issue. I'm just using the basic

<<return Return>>

function which sends you to your previous page.

I don't have a 'Home' base that players return to regularly, either, so I can't just send them there (which would suck if they were exploring, too).

Is there a work around to this or would I have to reinvent my whole sidetab thing? Like putting it into a header or something but not letting them get into Inventory from Appearance or Stats etc?

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This comment by TheMadExile in the TakeCareOf: a game where you take care of thread on the old forums explains how to solve your issue using a noreturn passage tag and a little Javascript