(background: colour or String) → Changer

This styling Command alters the background colour or background image of the attached hook. Supplying a colour, or a string contanining a CSS hexadecimal colour (such as #A6A612) will set the background to a flat colour. Other strings will be interpreted as an image URL, and the background will be set to it.

Example usage:


Combining two (background:) commands will do nothing if they both influence the colour or the image. For instance (background:red) + (background:white) will simply produce the equivalent (background:white). However, (background:red) + (background:"mottled.png") will work as intended if the background image contains transparency, allowing the background colour to appear through it.

Currently, supplying other CSS colour names (such as burlywood) is not permitted - they will be interpreted as image URLs regardless.

No error will be reported if the image at the given URL cannot be accessed.

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