Changer data

Changer commands (changers) are similar to ordinary commands, but they only have an effect when they're attached to hooks, and modify the hook in a certain manner. Macros that work like this include (text-style:), (font:), (transition:), (text-rotate:), (hook:), (click:), (link:), and more.

You can save changer commands into variables, and re-use them many times in your story:

(set: $robotic to (font:'Courier New'))
$robotic[Hi, it's me. Your clanky, cold friend.]

Alternatively, you may prefer to use the (enchant:) macro to accomplish the same thing using only hook names:

|robotic>[Hi, it's me. Your clanky, cold friend.]
(enchant: ?robotic, (font:'Courier New'))

Changers can be combined using the + operator: (text-colour: red) + (font: "Courier New")[This text is red Courier New.] styles the text using both changers at once. These combined changers, too, can be saved in variables or used with (enchant:).

(set: _alertText to (font:"Courier New") + (text-style: "shudder") + (text-colour:"#e74"))
_alertText[Social alert: no one read the emails you sent yesterday.]
_alertText[Arithmetic error: I forgot my seven-times-tables.]