(click: hookname or String) → changer

Produces a command which, when attached to a hook, hides it and enchants the specified target, such that it visually resembles a link, and that clicking it causes the attached hook to be revealed.

Example usage:

when clicked, reveals “Your finger gets wet.” at the specified location.


The (link:) macro and its variations lets you make passages more interactive, by adding links that display text when clicked. However, it can often greatly improve your passage code's readability to write a macro call that's separate from the text that it affects. You could want to write an entire paragraph, then write code that makes certain words into links, without interrupting the flow of the prose in the editor.

The (click:) macro lets you separate text and code in this way. Place (click:) hooks at the end of your passages, and have them affect named hooks, or text string, earlier in the passage.


Text or hooks targeted by a (click:) macro will be styled in a way that makes them indistinguishable from passage links, and links created by (link:). When any one of the targets is clicked, this styling will be removed and the hook attached to the (click:) will be displayed.

Additionally, if a (click:) macro is removed from the passage, then its targets will lose the link styling and no longer be affected by the macro.

Targeting ?Page or ?Passage:

When a (click:) command is targeting the ?Page or ?Passage, instead of transforming the entire passage text into a link, something else will occur: a blue link-coloured border will surround the page, and the mouse cursor (on desktop browsers) will resemble a hand no matter what it's hovering over.

Clicking a link when a (click:) is targeting the ?Page or ?Passage will cause both the link and the (click:) to activate at once.

Using multiple (click:) commands to target the ?Page or ?Passage will require multiple clicks from the player to activate all of them. They activate in the order they appear on the page - top to bottom.

See also:

(link:), (link-reveal:), (link-repeat:), (mouseover:), (mouseout:), (replace:), (click-replace:)