Collapsing whitespace

When working with macros, HTML tags and such, it's convenient for readability purposes to space and indent the text. However, this whitespace will also appear in the compiled passage text. You can get around this by placing the text between { and } marks. Inside, all runs of consecutive whitespace (line breaks, spaces) will be reduced to just one space.

Example usage:

    This sentence
    will be
    (set: $event to true)
    written on one line
    with only single spaces.


You can nest this markup within itself - {Good { gumballs!}} - but the inner pair won't behave any differently as a result of being nested.

Text inside macro calls (in particular, text inside strings provided to macro) will not be collapsed. Neither will text outputted by macro calls, either - {(print:" ")} will still print all 3 spaces, and {(display:"Attic")} will still display all of the whitespace in the “Attic” passage.

Also, text inside the verbatim syntax, such as Thunder` `hound, will not be collapsed either.

If the markup contains a (replace:) command attached to a hook, the hook will still have its whitespace collapsed, even if it is commanded to replace text outside of the markup.

If you only want to remove specific line breaks, consider the escaped line break markup.