(confirm: String) → boolean

When this macro is evaluated, a browser pop-up dialog box is shown with the given string displayed, as well as “OK” and “Cancel” button to confirm or cancel whatever action or fact the string tells the player. When it is submitted, it evaluates to the boolean true if “OK” had been pressed, and false if “Cancel” had.

Example usage:

(set: $makeCake to (confirm: "Transform your best friend into a cake?"))


This is essentially identical to the Javascript confirm() function in purpose and ability. You can use it to ask the player a question directly, and act on the result immediately. But, be aware that as the box uses the player's operating system and browser's styling, it may clash visually with the design of your story.

When the dialog is on-screen, the entire game is essentially “paused” - no further computations are performed until it is dismissed.

See also:

(alert:), (prompt:)