Hidden hooks

Hidden hooks are an advanced kind of named hook that can be shown using macros like (show:). For a general introduction to named hooks, see their respective markup description.

There may be hooks whose contained prose you don't want to be visible as soon as the passage appears - a time delay, or the click of a link should be used to show them. You can set a hook to be hidden by altering the hook tag syntax - replace the > or < mark with a parenthesis.

|visible>[This hook is visible when the passage loads.]
|cloaked)[This hook is hidden when the passage loads, and needs a macro like `(show:?cloaked)` to reveal it.]

[My commanding officer - a war hero, and a charismatic face for the military.]<sight|
[Privately, I despise the man. His vacuous boosterism makes a mockery of my sacrifices.](thoughts|

(You can think of this as being visually similar to the pointed tails of comic speech balloons vs. round, enclosed thought balloons.)

In order to be useful, hidden hooks must have a name, which macros like (show:) can use to show them. Hence, there's no way to make a hidden unnamed hook - at least, without using a conditional macro like (if:).