(link: String) → Changer

Also known as: (link-replace:)

Makes a command to create a special link that can be used to show a hook.

Example usage:

(link: "Stake")[The dracula crumbles to dust.] will create a link reading “Stake” which, when clicked, disappears and shows “The dracula crumbles to dust.”


As you're aware, links are what the player uses to traverse your story. However, links can also be used to simply display text or run macros inside hooks. Just attach the (link:) macro to a hook, and the entire hook will not run or appear at all until the player clicks the link.

Note that this particular macro's links disappear when they are clicked - if you want their words to remain in the text, consider using (link-reveal:).


This creates a link which is visually indistinguishable from normal passage links.

See also:

(link-reveal:), (link-repeat:), (link-goto:), (click:)