(link-goto: String, [ String ]) → command

Takes a string of link text, and an optional destination passage name, and makes a command to create a link that takes the player to another passage. The link functions identically to a standard link. This command should not be attached to a hook.

Example usage:


This macro serves as an alternative to the standard link syntax ([[Link text->Destination]]), but has a couple of slight differences.

passage's name. However, it does not provide any other means of computing the link. (link-goto:) also allows the link text to be any expression - so, something like (link-goto: "Move " + $name + "to the cellar", "Cellar") can be written.

If you have a complicated link you need to use in several passages, you could (set:) it to a variable and use that variable in its place.


As a bit of trivia… the Harlowe engine actually converts all standard links into (link-goto:) macro calls internally - the link syntax is, essentially, a syntactic shorthand for (link-goto:).

See also:

(link:), (link-reveal:), (link-repeat:), (link-undo:), (goto:)