(link-repeat: String) → changer

Makes a command to create a special link that shows a hook, and, when clicked again, re-runs the hook, appending its contents again.

Example usage:

(link-repeat: "Add cheese")[(set:$cheese to it + 1)] will create a link reading “Add cheese” which, when clicked, adds 1 to the $cheese variable using (set:), and can be clicked repeatedly.


This is similar to (link:), but allows the created link to remain in the passage after it is clicked. It can be used to make a link that displays more text after each click, or which must be clicked multiple times before something can happen (using (set:) and (if:) to keep count of the number of clicks).


This creates a link which is visually indistinguishable from normal passage links. Each time the link is clicked, the text and macros printed in the previous run are appended.

See also:

(link-reveal:), (link:), (link-goto:), (click:)