(link-reveal: String) → changer

Makes a command to create a special link that shows a hook, keeping the link's text visible after clicking.

Example usage:

(link-reveal: "Heart")[broken] will create a link reading “Heart” which, when clicked, changes to plain text, and shows “broken” after it.


This is similar to (link:), but allows the text of the link to remain in the passage after it is clicked. It allows key words and phrases in the passage to expand and reveal more text after themselves. Simply attach it to a hook, and the hook will only be revealed when the link is clicked.


This creates a link which is visually indistinguishable from normal passage links.

If the link text contains formatting syntax, such as “bold”, then it will be retained when the link is demoted to text.

See also:

(link:), (link-repeat:), (link-goto:), (click:)