(load-game: String) → Command

This Command attempts to load a saved game from the given slot, ending the current game and replacing it with the loaded one. This causes the passage to change.

Example usage:

{(if: $Saves contains "Slot A")[
  (link: "Load game")[(load-game:"Slot A")]


Just as (save-game:) exists to store the current game session, (load-game:) exists to retrieve a past game session, whenever you want. This command, when given the string name of a slot, will attempt to load the save, completely and instantly replacing the variables and move history with that of the save, and going to the passage where that save was made.

This macro assumes that the save slot exists and contains a game, which you can check by seeing if [[harlowe:saved-games|(saved-games:)]] contains the slot name before running (load-game:).

See also:

(save-game:), (saved-games:)