(num: String) → Number

Also known as: (number:)

This macro converts strings to numbers by reading the digits in the entire string. It can handle decimal fractions and negative numbers. If any letters or other unusual characters appear in the number, it will result in an error.

Example usage:

(num: "25") results in the number 25.


Unlike in Twine 1 and SugarCube, Twine 2 will only convert numbers into strings, or strings into numbers, if you explictly ask it to using macros such as this. This extra carefulness decreases the likelihood of unusual bugs creeping into stories (such as performing "Eggs: " + 2 + 1 and getting "Eggs: 21").

Usually, you will only work with numbers and strings of your own creation, but if you're receiving user input and need to perform arithmetic on it, this macro will be necessary.

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