Style markup

In Harlowe, text can be styled using these codes:

Styling Markup code HTML produced
Italics //text// <i>text</i>
Boldface ''text'' <b>text</b>
Deleted/spoiler text ~~text~~ text
Emphasis *text* <em>text</em>
Strong emphasis **text** <strong>text</strong>
Superscript meters/second^^2^^ meters/second2

Example usage:

You //can't// be serious! I have to go through the ''whole game''
again? ^^Jeez, louise!^^


You can nest these codes - ''//text//'' will produce bold italics - but they must nest symmetrically. ''//text''// will not work.

A larger variety of text styles can be produced by using the (text-style:) macro, attaching it to a text hook you'd like to style. And, furthermore, you can use HTML tags like <mark> as an additional styling option.