(text-rotate: Number) → Changer

This styling Command visually rotates the attached hook clockwise by a given number of degrees. The rotational axis is in the centre of the hook.

Example usage:

(text-rotate:45)[Tilted] will produce <span style="display:inline-block;transform:rotate(45deg);">Tilted</span>


The surrounding non-rotated text will behave as if the rotated text is still in its original position - the horizontal space of its original length will be preserved, and text it overlaps with vertically will ignore it.

A rotation of 180 degrees will, due to the rotational axis, flip the hook upside-down and back-to-front, as if the (text-style:) styles “mirror” and “upside-down” were both applied.

Due to browser limitations, hooks using this macro will have its CSS display attribute set to inline-block.

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