(text-style: String) → Changer

This applies a selected built-in text style to the hook's text.

Example usage:

The shadow (text-style: "shadow")[flares] at you! will style the word “flares” with a shadow.

(set: $s to (text-style: "shadow")) The shadow $s[flares] at you! will also style it with a shadow.


While Twine offers markup for common formatting styles like bold and italic, having these styles available from a command macro provides some extra benefits: it's possible, as with all such style macros, to (set:) them into a variable, combine them with other commands, and re-use them succinctly throughout the story (by using the variable in place of the macro).

Furthermore, this macro also offers many less common but equally desirable styles to the author, which are otherwise unavailable or difficult to produce.


At present, the following text strings will produce a particular style.

You can use the “none” style to remove an existing style from a combined Changer.

Due to browser limitations, hooks using “mirror”, “upside-down”, “rumble” or “shudder” will have its CSS display attribute set to inline-block.

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