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This page is written by Leon Arnott and is separate from the Twine documentation.

This page collects a number of useful external Twine resources, macros and scripts. Don't forget that more resources and hints are available on the frequently asked questions page and the example files page.

Story formats

See the story formats page to learn how to install other story formats.


SugarCube, by Thomas M. Edwards, is an alternative version of Sugarcane. It comes with a rewritten game engine, several additional utility macros, and a save slot menu instead of a bookmark link. Several SugarCube features inspired the development of Twine 1.4.

Tin Cans

Tin Cans is a story format designed for making mobile phone games - it includes a macro for changing between jQuery UI themes,


Snowman is a minimal story format by Chris Klimas, designed solely for Javascript programmers. It offers no macros and no ability to import macros, instead requiring the author to write Javascript code directly into the passage.


Leon Arnott has developed a number of macros:

Other macros by other people:


Web design resources

Source code

To obtain the source code of any Twine game, simply do the following:

Note: this will not import the story format used for the game, nor any of its metadata.