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 +<- [[expression|About Expressions]] --------- [[print|Printing Variables and Functions]] ->
 ===== Functions ===== ===== Functions =====
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 With your sword and hat, nothing can stop you! With your sword and hat, nothing can stop you!
 <<​endif>>​\</​code>​ <<​endif>>​\</​code>​
 +**Advanced use**: if you want to display something on every third time you visit a passage (no matter if you visit it 3 times, 10 times, or 100 times), then you can use the [[expression|modulo operator]] ''​%''​ to transform the number:
 +<​code><<​if visited() % 3 is 0>>\
 +"Every 3 visits to this passage, I walk the Earth again,"​ croons Count Dracula.
 +Feel free to modify the "​3"​ to any number you wish, to make something happen on every four visits, every ten visits, etc.
 ====visitedTag(string,​ string...)==== ====visitedTag(string,​ string...)====
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 +<- [[expression|About Expressions]] --------- [[print|Printing Variables and Functions]] ->
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