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-You can create bullet-point lists in your text by beginning lines with an asterisk ''​%%*%%'',​ followed by [[harlowe:​whitespace|whitespace]],​ 
-followed by the list item text. The asterisk will be replaced with an indented bullet-point. Consecutive lines 
-of bullet-point items will be joined into a single list, with appropriate vertical spacing. 
-Remember that there must be whitespace between the asterisk and the list item text! Otherwise, this markup 
-will conflict with the emphasis markup. 
-If you use multiple asterisks (''​%%**%%'',​ ''​%%***%%''​ etc.) for the bullet, you will make a nested list, which is indented deeper than 
-a normal list. Use nested lists for "​children"​ of normal list items. 
-=== Example usage: === 
- * Bulleted item 
-    *    Bulleted item 2 
-  ** Indented bulleted item 
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