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-====Changer data==== 
-Changer [[harlowe:​Command|Command]] (changers) are similar to ordinary commands, but they only have an effect when they'​re attached to hooks, 
-and modify the hook in a certain manner. Macros that work like this include [[harlowe:​text-style|(text-style:​)]],​ [[harlowe:​font|(font:​)]],​ [[harlowe:​transition|(transition:​)]],​ 
-[[harlowe:​text-rotate|(text-rotate:​)]],​ [[harlowe:​hook|(hook:​)]],​ [[harlowe:​click|(click:​)]],​ [[harlowe:​link|(link:​)]],​ and more. 
-You can save changer commands into variables, and re-use them many times in your story: 
-(set: $robotic to (font:'​Courier New')) 
-$robotic[Hi,​ it's me. Your clanky, cold friend.] 
-Alternatively,​ you may prefer to use the [[harlowe:​enchant|(enchant:​)]] macro to accomplish the same thing using only hook names: 
-|robotic>​[Hi,​ it's me. Your clanky, cold friend.] 
-(enchant: ?robotic, (font:'​Courier New')) 
-Changers can be combined using the ''​%%+%%''​ operator: ''​%%(text-colour:​ red) + (font: "​Courier New"​)[This text is red Courier New.]%%''​ 
-styles the text using both changers at once. These combined changers, too, can be saved in variables or used with [[harlowe:​enchant|(enchant:​)]]. 
-(set: _alertText to (font:"​Courier New") + (text-style:​ "​shudder"​) + (text-colour:"#​e74"​)) 
-_alertText[Social alert: no one read the emails you sent yesterday.] 
-_alertText[Arithmetic error: I forgot my seven-times-tables.] 
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