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-====Style markup==== 
-In Harlowe, text can be styled using these codes: 
-^Styling ​            ^ Markup code ^ HTML produced^ 
-| Italics | ''​%%//​text//​%%''​ |''<​i>​text</​i>''​| 
-| Boldface | ''​%%''​text''​%%''​ |''<​b>​text</​b>''​| 
-| Deleted/​spoiler text | ''​%%~~text~~%%''​ | ''<​del>​text</​del>''​| 
-| Emphasis | ''​%%*text*%%''​ |''<​em>​text</​em>''​| 
-| Strong emphasis | ''​%%**text**%%''​ |''<​strong>​text</​strong>''​| 
-| Superscript | ''​%%meters/​second^^2^^%%''​ | ''​meters/​second<​sup>​2</​sup>''​| 
-=== Example usage: === 
-You //​can'​t//​ be serious! I have to go through the ''​whole game''​ 
-again? ^^Jeez, louise!^^ 
-=== Details: === 
-You can nest these codes - ''​%%''//​text//''​%%''​ will produce **//bold italics//** - but they must nest 
-symmetrically. ''​%%''//​text''//​%%''​ will not work. 
-A larger variety of text styles can be produced by using the [[harlowe:​text-style|(text-style:​)]] macro, attaching it to 
-a text hook you'd like to style. And, furthermore,​ you can use HTML tags like ''​%%<​mark>​%%''​ as an additional 
-styling option. 
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