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-====Shorthand form==== 
-You may find yourself frequently using <<​print>>​ to simply print a variable, without alteration. <<​print>>​ has a convenient shorthand form for this single case: you simply omit the word "​print",​ leaving just the variable within the angle brackets. For instance, <<​print $beers>>​ can become simply <<​$beers>>​. 
-This allows you to write Twine stories in a “template” style: 
-Your superior officer approaches. "<<​$name>>,​ you've done a fine job. No, a 
-superlative job. <<​$species>>​ like you have no place on this cruel Earth, 
-that rewards only greed and selfishness."​ 
-**Note:** you can only perform this shorthand form using variables! You cannot, for instance, write <<​[[function|visited()]]>>​. 
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