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Twine Information

Twine 2 Resources

The Twine 2 Guide explains how to use the 2.0 version. Harlowe documentation introduces the new default story format and describes differences between it and standard 1.x formats.

Getting Started with Twine 1.x

There are some great tutorials on Twine:

Twine Index

Learn about these Twine terms:

  • Passage - The text of your story
  • Syntax - Ways to style and format the text
  • Tag - Tag your passages
  • Link - From text to hypertext
  • Expression - A basic unit of code
  • Variable - Tracking the player's state
  • Function - Special, powerful expressions
  • Macro - Commands to program your stories with
  • Stylesheet - Style your story with CSS
  • Script - Extend Twine with Javascript
  • Image - Illustrate your story
  • Annotation - Notes inside your story's source code

Tips and Tricks

  • See the Frequently Asked Questions page for common and valuable tips.
  • The Resources page curates a list of quality Twine development resources - custom macros, stylesheets, code references, and so forth.
  • Visit the Twine forum for additional help.
  • Finally, Twine programmer Leon has made a number of example files showcasing lesser used Twine features.

Publishing Your Work

Twine publishes to HTML, so you can place your stories on any web site. If you're looking for a place to publish for free, try one of these:

Once you have a finished story, consider:

  • Adding an entry for it on IFDB. This will get your work in front of people curious about interactive fiction, and will also cause it to appear on the home page.
  • Uploading an archived version to the IF Archive.
  • Tweeting a link to @twinethreads– we'll retweet you and help spread the word!

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