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-<- [[syntax|Formatting Passages]] --------- [[story_format|About Story Formats]]->​ 
-===== Tags ===== 
-Sometimes, it can be useful to add information about a [[passage]] that isn't visible to readers. **Tags** are a way to do this -- they function as labels stuck on the side of a passage, visible to you while you are writing your story, but they cannot be seen in the published version of your story. 
-A tag can be any series of letters, numbers, or punctuation without spaces. You can assign as many tags as you like to a passage, as well. 
-==== Special tags ==== 
-There are some tags that have special meaning to Twine, and change how your story behaves or appears to your readers. These special tags are described below. ​ 
-^ Special tag ^ Meaning ^ 
-| annotation | An [[annotation]] | 
-| stylesheet | A CSS [[stylesheet]]. Additional tags (excluding ''​transition''​) can be applied to restrict this stylesheet to specific passages. | 
-| transition | Signifies that the [[stylesheet]] defines a CSS transition. Should only appear alongside the ''​stylesheet''​ tag. Has no particular meaning when applied to an ordinary passage. | 
-| script | A Javascript [[script]] that will be run before the story starts. Used primarily to install custom scripts or macros.| 
-| bookmark | A passage that will appear in [[about_story_formats|Sugarcane]]'​s Rewind menu| 
-| nobr | Causes all of the line breaks in the passage to be removed, as if the entire passage was contained in a [[<<​nobr>>​]] macro. Useful if you use a lot of macros. | 
-| Twine.private | A passage which will not be included at all in the compiled HTML file | 
-| startup | Signifies that the passage can be used to initialize variables. Currently a feature only on [[about_story_formats|Harlowe]]| 
-<- [[syntax|Formatting Passages]] --------- [[story_format|About Story Formats]]->​ 
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