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Creating a New Story or Proofing Format

While Twine 2 comes with built-in story and proofing formats, it is possible to add or even create new ones.

Adding Existing Formats

Existing formats can be added through the Formats option on the story listing view.

Clicking on Formats and then the third tab, Add a New Format, provides an input area for typing or pasting a URL for the new format. Clicking the “+Add” retrieves and loads the new story format.

Defining a New Format

New formats require the following properties to be defined when invoking the window.storyFormat object.

  • name: the name of the story format
  • version: the current version of the story format
  • author: the developer(s) of the story format. (It is recommended to include a hyperlink to the author's homepage or social media.)
  • description: a short description of the format
  • image: a URL to an image to represent the format
  • url: a URL to the home or GitHub project page of the story format
  • license: a URL to the license of the story format
  • proofing: true, if the format is a proofing format, and false, if not
  • source: the entire source of the story format

Snowman Example

The following is an example based on Snowman 1.3 without the format's source.

	"author": "Chris Klimas",
	"description": "A minimal story format for authors experienced with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.",
	"image": "icon.svg",
	"name": "Snowman",
	"proofing": false,
	"source": "..."
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