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-===== Getting Started with Twine 2 ===== 
-You can start working with Twine 2 in two main ways. Although you can use more than one way at a time, the stories you create will //not// be shared between them. You can still export and import your stories between them, of course -- it is just a manual process. 
-==== Direct from ==== 
-Point your web browser to http://​​2 to get started. If you're using a tablet, then this is the only way that will work, though you can bookmark this address or add it to your home screen ([[http://​​Add-a-Link-Button-to-the-Home-Screen-of-an-iPhone|iOS directions]],​ [[http://​​android-101-how-add-bookmark-your-home-screen|Android directions]]). ​ 
-==== Download Twine 2 to your own computer ==== 
-This has the advantage of being able to work on your stories even when not connected to the Internet. You can download a local copy of Twine 2 from the [[http://​|homepage]]. Once you unzip the archive you download, you can put the resulting folder anywhere you'd like on your computer. ​ 
-To get started, just start the application that you find inside the folder (on Windows this is the ''​Twine.exe''​ file and on Linux it is just called ''​Twine''​). 
-Older versions of Twine 2 do not contain an executable but a file called ''​index.html''​. To get started here, open ''​index.html''​ inside the folder. 
-This reportedly does not work using Internet Explorer on Windows. Firefox, Chrome, or Opera do not have this problem, however. 
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