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Other Story Formats

In addition to the three story formats that come with Twine 2.0, there are many others that have been created. Here is a sampling of Twine story formats available on the Internet, from a list curated by M. C. DeMarco which also lists formats for Twine 1, and proofing/utility formats for Twine 2.

Story Formats for Twine 2

Adventures by Longwelwind
“allows writers to add RPG elements such as health, items, golds and more to their story”

Chapbook (Beta) by Chris Klimas
“designed to be easy to work with as an author and generate output that is a pleasure to read by players”

OldFashioned by Blair MacIntyre
experimental “authoring tool for 3D Augmented, Mixed and (eventually) Virtual Reality stories”

Paloma by M. C. DeMarco
a Jonah-style stretchtext story format for Twine 1 and 2

Protagonist by Massive Dange
“A Twine story format with power!”

Screentastic by Sean Simon
A Twine 2 Story Format for creating Interactive Screenplays.

Snowcat by Michael Ramaker
“a merger of Snowman and Harlowe”

Trialogue by Philo van Kemenade
a chat story format

Twize by Derek Timm-Brock
“for building and displaying interactive comics”

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