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 ===== Twine 2 Release Notes ===== ===== Twine 2 Release Notes =====
 +==== 2.3.2 ====
 +See the [[https://​​klembot/​twinejs/​projects/​3|2.3.2 project]] project for details on the changes in this release.
 +=== Bugs fixed ===
 +  - Various issues related to playing and testing stories within Twine have been resolved. Twine now opens playable versions of stories in your default browser instead of inside Twine.
 +  - An error where the editor UI became unresponsive after adding a new passage has been fixed.
 +  - Story formats with additional build information in their version number (e.g. "​1.0.0-beta1"​) are now correctly handled.
 +  - Extraneous story saving, occurring when a passage was clicked but otherwise not moved or edited, has been removed.
 +  - The link to report a bug has been corrected to point to GitHub instead of the previous repository.
 +=== Features added ===
 +  - Twine supports dark mode in macOS at a basic level. The window frame will change to match the system appearance, but you must still use the toggle in the story list to change theme. This may happen automatically in a future release.
 ==== 2.3.1 ==== ==== 2.3.1 ====
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