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 ===== Twine 2 Release Notes ===== ===== Twine 2 Release Notes =====
 +==== 2.2.1 ====
 +=== Bugfixes ===
 +  * Last modified dates on stories in the desktop app are maintained correctly.
 +  * Publishing stories with colored tags now works correctly.
 +  * Publishing stories correctly prefers an HTML version of the story, instead of a ZIP archive (used with iOS only).
 +==== 2.2.0 ====
 +=== Features ===
 +  * Passages can now be wide, tall, or just plain large.
 +  * Tags can be assigned colors, which show up as a vertical stripe on a passage in the story map. Every tag doesn'​t need to have a color.
 +  * You can now press the plus and minus keys to change the zoom level of the story map.
 +  * A Turkish localization has been added thanks to H. Utku Maden.
 +  * A number of extraneous libraries have been removed, so the overall file size of the app has been decreased, and it should load faster.
 +  * The built-in SugarCube story format has been updated to 2.21.0.
 +  * The built-in Harlowe story format has been updated to 2.1.0. ​
 +=== Bugfixes ===
 +  * When you zoom in and out, Twine does a better job of keeping the window centered where you were looking.
 +  * The zoom level you last set for a story is now remembered by Twine.
 +  * If for some reason a story format can't be loaded, you can still delete it.
 +  * The desktop app is more tolerant of story files that it has trouble importing at startup -- it keeps going, so you at least can get to the story list.
 +  * If the desktop app does run into problems on startup, it shows the error message it should; previously, it would show a blank white page.
 +==== 2.1.3 ====
 +=== Bugfixes ===
 +  * An issue causing passages to disappear, be positioned incorrectly,​ or otherwise become corrupted has been fixed.
 +  * Problems causing the search and replace dialog to not work correctly have been fixed.
 +==== 2.1.2 ====
 +<wrap hi>
 +If you are upgrading and using a non-English localization,​ this will cause your stories to be saved to a slightly different folder than before. Instead of Twine -> Stories, they will now be saved to Twine -> [the word "​Stories"​ as translated to your language]. You will probably need to move your existing stories into this new folder.
 +=== Features ===
 +  * Increased the display density of passages at the medium zoom level.
 +  * The story list can now be sorted in reverse chronological and alphabetical order (thanks Thomas Michael Edwards).
 +  * Mac users can now create passages in the story editor with force touch (thanks Michael Savich).
 +  * You can now widen the passage, JavaScript, and stylesheet editor windows.
 +  * Revised syntax colors in the JavaScript and stylesheet editors to be more readable.
 +  * Includes SugarCube 2.16.0.
 +  * Includes Harlowe 1.2.4 and 2.0.1.
 +=== Bugfixes ===
 +  * When a new story format is added, stories that used an older version are automatically brought up-to-date. This bug would manifest as having no format initially selected in the Story Format dialog.
 +  * You cannot remove the default story format anymore. (Choose another one as default first.)
 +  * Issues with non-English localizations where stories would not save correctly, or would not save to the correct folder, have been fixed.
 +  * External links now do not cause a broken-link arrow to be drawn in the story editor.
 +  * Special characters (that have meaning in regular expressions) now are handled correctly when searching and replacing.
 +  * Fixed a bug where publishing a story from the story list wouldn'​t work.
 +  * Fixed a bug where clicking the modal dialog background would not save passage title changes.
 +  * Fixed a bug where clicking the modal dialog background would be treated as a confirmation in deletion modal dialogs.
 +  * It's now not possible to scroll the main window when a modal dialog is open.
 ==== 2.1.1 ==== ==== 2.1.1 ====
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